Life at C & A Transportation

C & A Transportation, Inc. is a professional commercial carrier that is dedicated to providing quality customer service.  As a commercial carrier, it is our responsibility to our customers to meet their demands in a safe and timely manner.  Our service will provide our customers with a safe environment, well trained quality drivers, timely dispatch, and professional cooperation from all levels of management.

We strive to work together as a team, to convey a positive attitude within our company, with our customers, and with the general public.  To maintain an attitude of continuous quality service as a way of doing business in a process that encourages the highest quality minded attitude in everything we do.

We promise to continually improve our processes through employee retention, safety programs, and unmatched customer service, while creating an environment conducive to the spontaneous initiative of all employees involved.  Through maximizing employee involvement, integrating jobs, cross-training, educational programs and communication.

We take pride in our commitment in being a responsible community partner and sharing the road with the motoring public in a professional, safe and courteous manner.  Because of our commitment, C & A Transportation, Inc. will continue to be one of the safest and most reliable carriers in the industry.


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